Why Alberta Laser Cladding

Numerous industries use tools that require high resistance to abrasions. The ALC process is a hard surfacing process that adds an anti-abrasion material to wear parts. ALC resolves numerous problems caused by welding. ALC uses powders based on cast spherical tungsten carbide.

Industry Demand

With the increase in demand for laser coating opposed to traditional coatings, the need for laser cladding was realized. The geographic location of Edmonton, Alberta was the perfect location for a new facility to be open. With strong Oil & Gas markets present in the area and very little solutions for companies coating needs, ALC identified it as an opportunity to provide a cost effective, high quality solution for customers.

Alberta Laser Cladding is now open to serve all your laser coating and hardening needs.  We are a cost effective, fast and reliable alternative to your current coating restraints. With years of experience and proven service, ALC will be able to provide a solution to your application.

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